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Strive MD

A balanced life

Are you struggling with weight-loss?

Having a hard time finding motivation?

Are you gaining your weight back?


If you answered YES to any of these questions come to our STRIVE Motivational Series, with Nancy Lum, RD, LDN and Dawn O’Meally, LCSW-C, P.A., where we will attack the underlying behavioral issues causing this to happen.

Listen to Carole’s transformative story,
just one of many STRIVE success stories.


And hear from others about their successes…

How STRIVE works:

  1. Register for STRIVE. Payment is due in full at the time of registration.
  2. All STRIVE materials will be mailed to your residence several days before the start of class.
  3. A Zoom professional link will be emailed to you one day before class starts. This link will be used for the duration of the 7 week course. This is an online course.
  4. Please read the telehealth rules before class.
  5. If you are seeking a revision and this class is required to clear for surgery, please read through the revision process sheet.




Upcoming Schedule

Services & Sessions

Our focus will be on the cognitive & behavioral changes necessary to help you obtain your weight loss goals and to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. At STRIVE MD we want YOU to be able to make the healthy choices necessary to meet your goals. All classes are taught virtually online.

One-on-One Evaluation

Schedule your one-on-one evaluation with Dawn O’Meally, LCSW-C, P.A and get your journey started today.

More WLS Programs & Services


Post-Op Transition Class

This class is designed to help you transition back to solid foods after surgery. You will be supplied with information regarding “red flag” foods to avoid for the first few months post-op and all food/fluid stage advancement information, head versus physical hunger symptoms, body signal information, information on plastic surgery for skin removal, exercise resources, hormonal changes, eating out resources, lists of recommended products for supplementation, how to read vitamin and supplement labels, and more.

Starting at $50!

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Back to Basics Refresher Course

Regaining weight after weight-loss surgery? Hit a plateau in your WLS program is designed for patients that have undergone weight loss surgery and are gaining weight back? We understand this can be a frustrating thing and have designed a program to help you get “back on track”.

Starting at $85

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Healthy Eating Nutrition Program (ANRP)

Our primary goal as nutrition experts is to build long-term relationships with our clients by educating, encouraging, supporting, and leading them on their journey to achieve their health and wellness goals.

7-part program starts at $300!

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Have questions or are still unsure? Our FAQs may have the answers you’re looking for.