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Your genes can affect your weight loss.

Using laser focused genetic health information based on your DNA, we can change the way your genes express themselves using nutrigenomics and lifestyle changes.

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Weight Loss Surgery Program

We offer patients a comprehensive nutrition education program when preparing for bariatric surgery. This virtual/ telehealth education program helps patients achieve their weight loss goals.

Starting at $40/month!

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Strive MD

Strive is a series of group counseling meetings being held by both Dietitian Nancy Lum and Therapist Dawn O’Meally. Participants will have the benefit of receiving both nutrition counseling and psycho-educational therapy at the same time – at each and every meeting!

7 weeks for $315!

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Back to Basics Refresher Course

Regaining weight after weight-loss surgery? Hit a plateau in your WLS program is designed for patients that have undergone weight loss surgery and are gaining weight back? We understand this can be a frustrating thing and have designed a program to help you get “back on track”.

Starting at $85

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