Dawn O’Meally

The cognitive therapy, Mission Wellness, and Dawn O’Meally are all resources for the client needing more help with fighting the head fight with food. Every food decision begins with a thought and challenging those thoughts helps clients be able to change the negative thinking patterns around food and exercise. Changing the thinking processes causes the client to be able to make healthy decisions long term for weight loss success.

Be Forever Fit

Liz is a Certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist with over 25 years of experience in assisting clients adopt and stick with permanent lifestyle change that results in weight loss, improved mobility and better overall quality of life. Liz came to health and wellness as a result of her own weight loss journey. Since 1992, she has been leading a healthy lifestyle including fitness and nutrition that resulted in her losing over 100 pounds.

Her tenure includes: group exercise instruction; personal and semi-private training; directing weight loss and wellness programs’ speaking on health and wellness topics to medical and industry professionals as well as clients; working for a bariatric surgeon supporting the weight loss surgery clients to embrace active lifestyles; owning her own wellness business that, in part, provided programming supporting various bariatric surgery programs in the Baltimore/DC area.

Liz has helped thousands of clients improve their health and quality of life by safely and confidently becoming more active and stronger. She also specializes in pain reduction and movement improvement.

Additional Resources

Hemp & Healthy

Hemp & Healthy provides resources for CBD oils and products for those suffering with pain that want to minimize other pain management options and go with a more natural approach.

A Good Bari Life

My Bari Good Life is an all encompassing activity book to document your bariatric journey through the first year post surgery as a keep sake.

The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan incorporates faith into food, healthy eating, and fitness.

Lazarus Naturals

Founded on the belief that quality CBD should be effective and accessible to everyone.

Obesity Action Committee

Check out obesity help and OAC Obesity Action Committee for many resources post bariatric surgery including recipes.

Eat Right

Eatright.org provides updated nutrition information and research on foods, health, and fitness from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietrics.


A fantastic resource for the latest information on food, nutrition, and can help answer many questions regarding health conditions.

Portion8 by BariWare

Portion8 by BariWear designs small containers for foods to help manage portion sizes.

American Society of Bariatric Surgeons

The American Society of Bariatric Surgery provides the latest in research on how to find providers and much much more.


Information for general health and nutrition from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.