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Weight Loss Surgery Programs

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Weight Loss Surgery Program

We offer patients a comprehensive nutrition education program when preparing for bariatric surgery. This virtual/ telehealth education program helps patients achieve their weight loss goals.

Starting at $35/month!

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Post-Op Transition Class

This class is designed to help you transition back to solid foods after surgery. You will be supplied with information regarding “red flag” foods to avoid for the first few months post-op and all food/fluid stage advancement information, head versus physical hunger symptoms, body signal information, information on plastic surgery for skin removal, exercise resources, hormonal changes, eating out resources, lists of recommended products for supplementation, how to read vitamin and supplement labels, and more.

Starting at $50!

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Getting Back on Track After WLS

Regaining weight after weight-loss surgery? Hit a plateau in your WLS program is designed for patients that have undergone weight loss surgery and are gaining weight back? We understand this can be a frustrating thing and have designed a program to help you get “back on track”.

Starting at $85

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Nutrition & Education Programs


Strive MD

Strive is a series of group counseling meetings being held by both Dietitian Nancy Lum and Therapist Dawn O’Meally. Participants will have the benefit of receiving both nutrition counseling and psycho-educational therapy at the same time – at each and every meeting!

7 weeks for $315!

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Healthy Eating Nutrition Program (ANRP)

Our primary goal as nutrition experts is to build long-term relationships with our clients by educating, encouraging, supporting, and leading them on their journey to achieve their health and wellness goals.

7-part program starts at $300!

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Diabetes Education

Suffering from diabetes and need to learn more about dietary causes for blood sugar spikes, and other health conditions tied to diabetes? Our comprehensive Diabetes Education Program includes a 2-hour education class, 1-hour initial consultation, and a 30-min follow-up consultation.

Consultation for $125!

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Other Medical Conditions

Nutrition is an essential component of your overall health care. Individuals with a vast array of conditions can improve their health and their quality of life by receiving medical nutrition therapy. Our RD’s will counsel patients on behavioral and lifestyle changes for long-term changes in eating habits. Our goal is to help you to avoid the Pharmacy and depend more on the Farmacy!

Consultation for $125!

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Our team, led by Nancy Lum, is here for you every step of the way.

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